Virtual Data Rooms

The better solution for file sharing and collaboration beyond corporate boundaries.


Effective Collaboration & File Sharing for Enterprises

Whether for sharing with external providers, in business negotiations or project work with partner companies – easy, secure sharing of files forms the basis of effective collaboration. Giving externals access to the existing corporate file servers is usually not desired. The same goes for outsourcing to a cloud service. The virtual data rooms from Cortado provide the ideal solution here. Completely on-premises, they give participants easy access to shared data rooms and give the company maximum security.


Don’t worry about hacker attacks or failures at large cloud service providers. Cortado’s on-premises solution doesn’t share files with externals over the cloud, but instead through a separate server behind the company’s firewall. Employees open secure data rooms in no time, which are accessible to the participants only after their invitation and registration. All actions can be fully tracked with comprehensive auditing.


Internal employees use the Cortado app to securely access both their data rooms and the corporate file server. This allows file to be copied back and forth or moved. No more cumbersome switching between different applications is required. Externals conveniently access shared directories through the Sharing Center via web browser. If files are edited, the Cortado technology provides fully trackable versioning.


File access and sharing is just the beginning. Cortado’s virtual data rooms are part of the EMM solution Cortado Server. Through the integrated app management, productivity applications like Microsoft Office or the email app can be embedded and made available in a secure business container. In this way, employees can use all relevant applications while the company retains control over the data.


The On-Premises Solution for Secure Data Exchange


  • Completely on-premises: The data is stored behind the company’s firewall
  • Easy setup of data rooms within a few minutes
  • The project owner creates project folders and invites the participants
  • Secure, convenient web access for externals via the Sharing Center
  • Project owner manages the rights for View, Upload, Download, etc.
  • Perfect overview for all involved thanks to transparent file versioning
  • Extensive print support completes the professional work with files
  • Comprehensive auditing options provide full trackability of all actions
  • Compliance: Internal data protection rules can be extended to the collaboration with externals

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